Book Review: “Double Take” by Melody Carlson

If you are looking for a book for teens with a true to life
feel, that will teach them good values, and has a good ending?  For that I recommend Double Take by Melody

It’s a well written book, perfect a cozy day by the fire.

Two teenage girls who look amazingly alike meet up by chance
(or is it?) in a small town.  Madison and
Anna may look alike but are from two very different worlds.

Madison, the rich city girl, can’t even make a decision
about Spring Break without everyone in her life trying to pull her in the
direction of their own plans and no one is letting her make her own
decisions.  Anna, the simple Amish girl,
feel the pressure of duty to her family but can’t forget about her first love
who may be an outcast in New York.  Each
girl has her own reason to escape and so they switch lives for a week.

This book is like “The
Prince and the Proper” with a modern twist.

With the switch each girl experiences the other’s
world.  While the view points of the
girls are not surprising I still found Anna’s point of view about our world
interesting.  Unlike many Amish
characters that leave the community, Anna doesn’t want to leave the simple
life.  She only wants to find the boy she
thought she lost.

Will Anna find him in the Big Apple?

Will Madison find her self in a world known for its plain way
of living?

You’ll have to read to find out.