God once said to me in a dream “Don’t go left, don’t go right, but go straight.”

After that I had two women at different times pray those exact words over me.  The two women didn’t know each other or know about the dream.

In fact the first woman didn’t know me.

While suffering from an ear infection, I had gone to a Healing Wind Conference in North Carolina.  A older woman with wild gray hair, saw my mama putting drops in my ears.  She came up to me and started to pray.  While praying she found out my ear infection was not the only thing “wrong” with my ears.  I was born with hearing loss.  When she found out that I didn’t really want my hearing prayed for, she decided to pray for me to hear God’s voice.  She poured a whole bottle of blessed anointing oil over my head.  I washed my head two or three times later, and my hair was still oily.  Later at supper, she came up to me.  By this point the story had become a joke among my family and friends on the trip with me.  She prayed again for me, and this time, she said the same words God had said to me “Don’t go left, don’t go right, but go straight.”

I happened to have the notebook where I wrote about my dreams from God with me. Full of surprise, I showed her and everyone else at the table the words from God.  She just nodded and told me to never stop praising God.

At the time, I heard praise music in my head all the time and didn’t dream it would stop.

It stopped.

(But this and the notebook are for another story I plan to tell later)

After arriving home from the conference I attended a weekly prayer meeting.  At the meeting another woman, a friend, prayed for me.  She also prayed over me the words God had said, “Don’t go left, don’t go right, but go straight.”

Let just say God now has my attention.


I invite you to join me on this journey down the path God has sent me.