2011 was the year that taught me I need to change and to reach for the stars that make up my dreams.

The last time I post I wanted to win NaNoWriMo for the first time. I try every year for the past six years.

Well I didn’t win.

I got behind and then BAM the facts of life hit me like an 18 wheelers.

My Uncle died. 

The Sunday before Thanksgiving. 

I had just seen him the night before, at our prayer meeting.  He and my Aunt left the next morning, heading to South Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with their “girls.”  The girls are adults, late 20 and early 30.  But they always said they’re heading to see the girls.

My Aunt said they had a great trip up there.

Their younger is expecting.  Aunt brought baby clothes.  Excited to show her, they headed into the guest bedroom.  As they were looking at the clothes my uncle settled on the bed. 

The dog came in.  Uncle reached over to pat her, tumbled off the bed with the biggest grin on his face.

E (my cousin) and Aunt though he was playing. 


He fell to the floor died.

When they realized, E does CPR on him.

Her husband called 911.

The ambulance came, rushed him away.

His pulse never returned.

Mama being the closes to Aunt in age and everything decided to go up there early.  The funeral was the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

We arrived on Tuesday.

Two sleepless nights.

Thanksgiving came and went.

Even through E’s husband cooked us a turkey it didn’t feel like Thanksgiving.


The rest of the family arrived.  Crazy Aunts (my mama’s has 4 sisters and one brother. All married) Uncles and Cousins arrived.


The funeral. (Blessed by God with his angels and everyone telling stories of Uncle.)

Everyone planned to go home the next day.

We never made it.

My Grandmamma who we all call Gran, had a stoke the night of the funeral. 

A massive stoke.

Doctors didn’t think she’s make it.

She slept

And slept

And slept for a week.

We decide to risk it and bring her home.

In the ambulance she woke up!  For the first 30 minutes Aunt T said (Aunt T is a nurse so she rode with Gran, all the way home.

My Uncle G (Mama’s only brother) set up Gran’s house with a hospital bed in her den.

Life twirled with each of us staying at Gran’s to do all the necessaries needed, feeding her through tube and the likes for a week.


Gran improved even more!

We put her in rehab for her recovery.

She feed herself ¼ of a fried chicken sandwich last night!

Goodbye 2011 I’m glad to see you go.