Yesterday I asked what does God’s promise or Jesus’s promise mean to you?
Here my answer:

If you had asked me as a child about the promise of a God.  I would have thought of the promise of the rainbow God’s gave to Noah.  At the time it just meant I would not have to worry about drowning from a world wide flood. 

I didn’t understand about Jesus.  I knew He love me because the Bible and my Mama told me so, but what that really meant I had no clue.

Now I’m older and a little bit wiser (and researching my Bible), God’s promise means three things to me.
1. He will never leave my side in the good or the bad times of my life.
2. The other Counselor, the Spirit of truth, also known as the Holy Spirit, that Jesus tell about in John 14:16-17 lives in me.
3. Because I follow Christ there’s more life with Him after death.

If you didn’t get the chance yesterday to answer the question what does God’s promise or Jesus’s promise mean to you, please post your answer in the comment or you have a question or more to add to my post feel free to also leave an comment.